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The Advanced Art Movement was formed by a group of likeminded individuals who all have one main interest in common and this is art, modern art and street art to be more precise. All of art collectors are extremely passionate and dedicated to their common interest and as such, each will claim to have a level of knowledge that is far superior to the others in this specialised craft. By bringing these individuals together, the Advanced Art Movement is able to offer an unbeatable level of service to our investors.

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Here at the Advanced Art Movement we are working primarily with the up and coming graffiti artist known as Pegasus, this is a street artist that we see as the most promising emerging artist in the world for art investors. This fits with the initial creation of the Advanced Art Movement because our vision was to bring art that our investors will like into the rooms and homes of both seasoned and would-be investors alike.

Investing in art is not all about the financial investment, it is about the enjoyment of the piece of art too and this is something that we feel Pegasus is able to offer with his incredible collection of street artwork. With his work we can fulfil our vision of involving others in the future of art, in the very simplest of manners.

The Advanced Art Movement offers a selection of pieces of art that are available to purchase as an investment. The investor can then choose if their piece is to be hung up and held on to for visual appreciation and capital appreciation purposes for it then to be sold on in the short term for profit or sold later down the line when one or more pieces from the same artist can become incredible valuable, alternatively we can store the works of art for you for purely art investment purposes.

All of the pieces of art that are sold for investment by the Advanced Art Movement are original pieces of art that will help you enter the Primary art market. Every item of artwork that we sell, we strongly believe will dramatically increase in value. Each piece of art work we sell is also an item that Advanced Art Movement enjoys visually and feel would suit a wall in their own home or the homes of their investors.

Advanced Art Movement Ltd and Leonard Villa Ltd is not authorised or regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). Art is not an investment of a kind specified within the scope of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 nor is it a controlled investment subject to Section 21 of the Financial Services and Market Act 2000 and the Financial Promotion Order. Any and all information provided by Advanced Art Movement Ltd and Leonard Villa Ltd relates to the sale of Art and its value. Advanced Art Movement Ltd and Leonard Villa Ltd does not deal with “options”, futures or any regulated investments of a specified kind under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000. No information provided should be deemed to constitute the provision of financial investment or other professional advice subject to regulation under the Financial Services and Market 2000. Potential investors should read the full Terms and Conditions, which are available separately and upon request.
Advanced Art Movement

Advanced Art Movement